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Rotary On The Moon

Going to the Moon!

Dear Fellow Rotarian,

Peace on Earth has always been one of the tenets of Rotary. Both RI President Gordon and President Elect Stephanie have placed special emphasis on Peace.

We invite your club to participate in our “Peace On Earth” program. There is no charge to participate. Just download a picture of your club holding a sign calling for Peace on Earth or next to a Peace Pole to RotaryOnTheMoon.com

If you choose to participate, your digitized Club photo will be placed in a capsule on board the Griffin moon lander atop a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket scheduled to launch in late 2024.
You have two options to respond: one with a Club photo and one with just text only.
All responses must be received by May 30th to meet NASA deadlines.

Your club was randomly selected to represent your country or part of the world. Help us expand our reach by forwarding this message to other Rotary clubs in your District /Zone.

For more information, please visit our website: RotaryOnTheMoon.com.

Questions should be sent to our program Administrator David H. van de Velde at RotaryOnTheMoon@gmail.com.

After you have sent your club photo or text, join us during the week of September 21st to celebrate World Peace Day. With so many Rotary Clubs participating, we will have a loud united voice promoting Peace on Earth.

As a part of our program, one of the local High Schools in our area created a virtual city on the moon. We have expanded on that idea and have created a place for your club to have a virtual location in Peace City, our virtual city. If any of your members would like their business represented in Luna City, please e-mail the information to RotaryOnTheMoon@gmail.com.

Kind regards,

Rich Maladecki, President Don Harris, District Governor
R.C. Dr. Phillips, Orlando FL Rotary District 6980